Natural treatments

Health and Fitness farm holidays

Natural treatmans at our farm

Forget the daily routine, we can organise a variety of wellness activities, according to your personal preferences.

Regain your vitality and enjoy a completely new feeling of body and skin!

Regain your vitality and enjoy a completely new feeling of body and skin!
We have arranged a variety of wellness programs for you.
We grow a large number of herbs in our garden, which do not only find use in the kitchen. You can experience their vitalizing effect in our wellness area.
Finnish, bio or herb Sauna
Herbal bath with full body massage
Face and clearage peeling
Body lotions
Full body peeling
Full body packings
Massage with Herbalstamps
Bathing in wool
Mountain herb method
Hony massage

As we emphasise health and well being our house was purified and freed from all electromagnetic disturbances by the Grander System. The water has also been treated and enlivened so that every sip is a pleasure.
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